Episode 3: What’s trending in travel in 2020

  • 31:24
  • 28 November, 2018
  • 29.4M
On-board The Indian Pacific…

Mike and Chris kick off the episode discussing an epic rail trip, the Indian Pacific. How long is the journey, what are your options, how is the dining and where do you sleep? We also discuss the journey highlights including the sublime desert landscapes and the ghost town that hundreds of people fled from just 20 years ago.

Stopover in Doha

Stopover in Doha. With more and more Kiwis flying to Europe through the Middle East, is Qatar’s capital, Doha, worth a visit? We highlight the extraordinary Souk Waqif, the Falcon Hospital and the staggering statement architecture amplifying Doha’s cultural credentials? Plus, where do you find the 100 metre-long brunch buffet?

Celebrity spotting in Los Angeles

Celebrity spotting in Los Angeles. Heading to Tinsel Town and want to see stars? Well, there’s always Griffith Observatory! Mike and Chris discuss their chance encounters in LA, including Michael Jackson and Paris Hilton. Plus we discuss some of their main haunts, from the Beverly Hills Hotel and Chateau Marmont to the Tropicana Bar at Hollywood Roosevelt and hiking on Runyan Canyon.

What’s Trending in Travel in 2020?

Trending in Travel in 2020. We discuss some of the emerging trends in the year ahead, from the rise of the second city traveller to why slo-mo is the new FOMO! Another big trend is grand getaways, where grandparents take their grandkids abroad sans the parents, plus we discuss what all-amusive travel is all about.

And we have another Lonely Planet giveaway!

Show Notes

  • 1:06 Traversing on the classic railway legend in Australia - Indian Pacific
  • 7:00 Stopover in dazzling Doha
  • 14:55 Celebrity spotting in L.A.
  • 24.45 What's trending in travel in 2020

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