Ep02: New Zealand’s Great South

  • 33:58
  • 01 September, 2020
  • 31.1M

Chris and Mike head to the Great South to showcase Southland. We start in the Southern City, where Invercargill’s biggest calling card is the fact that it beckons like a national garage, awash in shiny chrome and seductive curves, with world-beating collections of classic motorbikes, cars and domestic machinery. You’ll be truly blown away by the scale and unrivalled quality of these collections.

Munro's 1920 Scout at E Hayes Invercargill Southland
Munro’s 1920 Scout at E Hayes, Invercargill. Photo: Mike Yardley

After savouring the trove of classic wheels in Invercargill, point the car north for the one hour jaunt to Gore.  Egregiously under-rated as a destination charmer, Gore is your classic New Zealand town, with a stout community spirit and a stirring trove of cultural attractions including the Hokonui Moonshine Museum and the Eastern Southland Gallery. Gore’s cultural precinct is currently being redeveloped.

Gore Trout
Gore Trout, Gore. Photo: Mike Yardley

Great South’s Tourism Marketing Manager, Emma Hunter joins Kiwi Tripsters to fly the flag for the region and why you need to make tracks for Southland. Alongside the banner attractions, Emma shares her favourite hidden gems and where you can find the world’s best cheese rolls. www.southlandnz.com

Moonshine bar at Hokonui
Moonshine bar at Hokonui. Photo: Mike Yardley

Stewart Island had long been on Mike’s “I must go there one day” list. The Covid age provides the dream opportunity to stop the dithering. The jewel is Ulva Island which struck Mike as a national treasure, and open island sanctuary that will puff you up in patriotic pride on a day trip. Chris and Mike also discuss the ever-present Kiwi, the famed Blue Cod and the hospitality at the South Sea Hotel.

Halfmoon Bay Stewart Island
Halfmoon Bay,Stewart Island. Photo: Southland
  • 00:57 Invercargill
  • 08:15 Gore
  • 17:37 Mike's chat with Emma Hunter of Rediscover Southland
  • 26:20 Stewart Island

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