Ep03: New Zealand’s rich Bay of Plenty

  • 35:33
  • 16 September, 2020
  • 32.5M

On this edition of Kiwi Tripsters, we hit the Bay of Plenty. Home to some of New Zealand’s best loved beaches, we spotlight some regional tastes, ogle glow worms by kayak, visit Kiwifruit Country and venture into the mist-wreathed wilderness of Te Urewera. We start in Tauranga, exploring the magnificent Mount, the city’s heritage treasures and seriously great eats.

Ogle glow worms by kayak in Tauranga, Bay of plenty
Ogle Glow Worms by Kayak. Photo: Tourism Bay of Plenty

Eastern Bay of Plenty. After tucking into Tauranga, we venture to Kiwifruit Country where Gavin and Amanda Fleming deliver a spell-binding introduction into our famous furry fruit. We then trail the coastline, taking in the historic richness of Maketu before delving into the delights of Whakatane, headlined by Mataatua: The House that Came Home.

Kiwi Fruit Country, Eastern Bay of Plenty
Amanda and Gavin Fleming, Kiwifruit Country. Photo: Mike Yardley

Home to an abundance of kiwifruit and avocado orchards, arguably the best beaches in New Zealand, a rich Māori heritage, and swathed by warm ocean waters, the Bay of Plenty is packed with holiday options for every traveller. Mike talks to a season guide and tour operator, Ian Holroyd from Mount Classic Tours. www.mctours.co.nz

Maori Heritage
Maori Heritage. Photo: Tourism Bay of Plenty

Mike talks about his enriching day with Hinewai McManus from Te Urewera Treks. Entering this vast wilderness feels like entering another realm. Remote, rugged, immense and wreathed in mist and mysticism, Te Urewera is the home of the Tuhoe people. It was a life-changing day for Mike. www.bayofplentynz.com

Te Urewera Treks
Te Urewera treks. Photo: Tourism Bay of Plenty
  • 1:00 Tauranga and Mount Maunganui
  • 8:40 Kiwi Fruit country, Te Puki
  • 17:31 Mike's chat with Ian Holroy from Mount Classic Tours
  • 25:30 Te Urewera treks and home of the Tuhoe people

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