Ep06: Nature’s wondrous Otago Peninsula


Richly blessed with flippered and feathered possibilities, the volume and variety of wildlife huddled on Otago Peninsula is like a candy factory for twitchers. We start at Taiaroa Head, home to the Northern Royal Albatross colony before checking out the eco-tourism business, Nature’s Wonders.

The New Zealand Kaka
The New Zealand KaKa. Photo – Mike Yardley

When you’ve had your fill of Dunedin’s natural wonders, it’s the city’s cultural treasures that enthral people. We profile Larnach Castle, Olveston and for something wildly eccentric, the Natural Mystery Museum.

Larnach Castle Dunedin
Larnach Castle, Dunedin; Photo – Mike Yardley

Wellington is likely to be a popular destination this summer. It’s condensed and compact layout accentuates its vitality. We preview what’s happening at Te Papa, take you to Zealandia and check out some on-trend eats and drinks in Welly.

Wellington, New Zealand
Postcard Wellington. Photo – Tourism Wellington

Kapiti Island broods off the coastline like a hulking floating fortress. Its silhouette is so striking. The natural riches are superb where you’ll trees groaning under the weight of several dozen kereru. Dipping into the island’s human history is equally rewarding with Kapiti Island Nature Tours.

Kapiti Nature Tours, New Zealand
Kapiti Nature Tours. Photo – Mike Yardley
  • 01:11 Wildlife spotting on Otago Peninsula
  • 06:02 Dunedin Town
  • 12:10 New Zealand's capital Wellington
  • 19:38 Adventuring in Kapiti Island

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