Kiwi Tripsters heads to Great Lake Taupo. We take to the water for the scenic delights and the rainbow trout, we hit the trails on Craters Mountain bike Park, size up Huka Falls, soak in hot pools, stake out some signature tastes, and check out the wild side to Turangi.

Taupo Waterfront
Taupo waterfront. Photo: Mike Yardley

On this edition, we’re focused on the heart of the North island, the wonderful region of Taupo. We’ve checked out plenty of mountain bike trails across New Zealand this year. Taupo’s offerings are among the best, from Craters MTB Park to the Huka Trails. Plus we head to Wairakei Thermal Terraces and check out some great eats.

Mountain biking in Taupo
Mountain biking in Taupo. Photo: Destination Lake Taupo

Luxuriating on the Lake. We join a private fishing charter with Chris Jolly Outdoors to bask in the brilliance of Lake Taupo, reel in a rainbow trout, learn about the wondrous Maori mythology and size up New Zealand’s great rock carving.

Trout fishing with Chris Jolly adventures
Trout fishing with Chris Jolly adventures. Photo: Mike Yardley

Jonny Clapcott owns and operates FourB bike hire and tours. The former school teacher is passionate about the trails around Taupo and joins us for a guest chat. We talk about his favourite haunts, including the magnificence of the multi-day Timber Trail, and the range of services FourB provides, whether you’re a newbie to mountain biking or a seasoned pro.

FourB bike tours taupo
Jonny Clapcott from FourB bike tours. Photo: Mike Yardley

We head to the southern edge of the lake for some wild adventures in Turangi and the sweet-heart neighbouring village of Tokaanu. Tongariro Whitewater Rafting is a banner attraction. Alongside riding the rapids, we learn about the Blue Duck Project, plus we sample Turangi’s latest tourism offering, the ultimate ebike private wilderness experience.

Ngātoroirangi Mine Bay Maori Rock Carvings Taupo, New Zealand
Ngātoroirangi Mine Bay Maori Rock Carvings. Photo: Destination Lake Taupo
  • 01:00 Mountain biking in Taupo
  • 07:07 Trout fishing with Chris Jolly adventures in Taupo
  • 14:25 Chat with Jonny Clapcott of FourB bikes in lake Taupo
  • 23:50 Visiting Turangi

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