Ep12: Exploring New Zealand’s deep south

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  • 18 February, 2021
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On this edition of Kiwi Tripsters we head to Glacier Country to marvel over Franz Josef and Fox. Sticking with the great outdoors, when was the last time you took a drive of the Haast Pass highway? The Tourism Export Council join us to talk about industry morale in the wake of the La Laperouse debacle and we celebrate New Zealand’s tastiest signature treats.

Lake Matheson New Zealand
Lake Matheson. Photo: West Coast Tourism

When was the last time you traversed the Haast Pass Highway? This is New Zealand’s youngest alpine pass – it was only fully sealed 25 years ago. Connecting Central Otago with the West Coast, we showcase the highlights including Lake Hawea, Makarora, the incredible waterfalls and walks, the Gates of Haast and the mesmerising Blue Pools.

Haast highway New Zealand
Haast Highway. Photo: West Coast Tourism

Saluting Glacier Country. The twin glaciers, Franz Josef and Fox are revered as being two of the most accessible glaciers in the world, plunging down from the Southern Alps, wrapped in rainforest, almost to sea level. The novelty of having this ravishing corner of New Zealand to ourselves is likely to last most of the year, so why not make plans to savour its seraphic majesty, before the tourist trickle reverts to being a gusher again?

Blue Ice Caves, Glacier Country. Photo: West Coast Tourism

The abrupt cancellation of the New Zealand summer cruising season, for the Ponant-chartered Le Leperouse luxury small ship, has been a body blow for the wider tourism industry. Where to from here for the wider restart of cruising in our waters? And is the government really in tune with the formidable challenges facing many travel and tourism operators? We talk to Lynda Keene, Chief Executive of the Tourism Export Council.

Ponant cruises, Le Laperouse
Ponant cruises, Le Laperouse. Photo: Supplied

No matter where we travel, the kai we eat along the way is an essential dimension. It’s staggering just how many signature tasty treats abound across New Zealand. They’re like landmarks on a plate. We’ve assembled our own personal list of New Zealand’s greatest, tastiest holiday treats. Feel free to add your tips, too!

Mills Bay Mussels
Mills Bay Mussels. Photo: Mike Yardley
  • 1:00 Drive through the wild west coast on the Haast highway
  • 9:10 The spectacular glaciers of the south
  • 16:59 Chat with Lynda Keen, CEO of the Tourism Export Council
  • 26:17 Iconic tastes on the New Zealand road trip

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