On this edition of Kiwi Tripsters, we strike out across the wonderful Waikato. From the laneways, gardens and brews all abuzz in Hamilton, to the signature Waikato attractions that make the region unique. Town and country. Savour the richness of the Waikato. https://www.waikatonz.com/

Cambridge horses, Cambridge New Zealand
Champion horses, Cambridge. Photo: Mike Yardley

The evidence is mounting that Hamilton is “in” with the cool kids. If you haven’t visited for a while, you’ll need to shed any past pre-conceptions, because the Tron has got its groove on. It’s the street art, the murals and installations, that have recast the cityscape. Add in the taonga at Waikato Museum and the botanical wonderland of Hamilton Gardens.

Boon Mural, Hamilton, New Zealand
Boon mural, Hamilton. Photo, WaikatoNZ

Bites and Brews in Hamilton. Blaze a trail through Hamilton’s revitalised laneways to discover some of the city’s signature eateries, like Mister Pickles, The Bearded Weasel, Duck Island Ice-cream and Paddock to Plate. Waikato is proud of its craft brew industry. The best way to get a flavour for the craft scene is to join a  Brew Bus Tour.

Dining in Hamilton City, New Zealand
Dining in Hamilton City. Photo, WaikatoNZ

Tourism has been a thriving sector in Waikato’s economic portfolio. How is the region faring in the age of Covid? Mike talks to the CEO of Hamilton and Waikato Tourism, Jason Dawson.

Hamilton Gardens, Hamilton. Photo, Mike Yardley

Free-roaming Waikato. Few regions in New Zealand boast such an extraordinary array of distinctive experiences, from the underground caves of Waitomo and the magic of Middle-earth in Hobbiton, to the horsey sensibilities of graceful Cambridge and the mineral spa charm of Te Aroha. We salute the town and country diversity of Waikato.

Otorohanga-corrugated-iron-kiwi, Waikato
Otorohanga-corrugated-iron-kiwi, Waikato. Photo, Mike Yardley

  • 00:55 Experiencing Hamilton
  • 10:40 Hamilton's eclectic food and beverage scene
  • 16:15 Mike's chat with Jason Dawson, CEO, Waikato Tourism
  • 26:50 Stringing together Waikato's signature experiences

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