Ep20: Savouring the Pacifics


On this edition of Kiwi Tripsters, ready, set, go. Travel’s new age has taken flight, as Kiwis start to spread their wings again. We share some timely tips to help you navigate the Covid-age of travel, plus we celebrate the South Pacific, our bumper holiday playground.

At the dawn of a new era of international travel, what destinations are trending and what are the biggest tips to bear in mind as you prepare to spread you wings. We highlight some timely tips to help you navigate the Covid-age of travel and how to steer clear of the biggest traps.

International airport

It’s one of the most decorated luxury resorts in the South Pacific, constantly scooping prized awards – Yasawa Island Resort & Spa in Fiji. The owner and director  of the resort, james McCann joins Mike and Andrew to talk about the major refresh undertaken during the past two years and the surging rebound in visitors flocking back to Yasawa Island.

Yasawa Island Resort beachfront Bure
Yasawa Island Resort, beachfront bure. Photo: Yasawa Island Resort

Swap winter’s chills for tropical thrills! Mike and Andrew reminisce on some of their most memorable experiences holidaying in the South Pacific, including a guide to the best spots for sundowner cocktails in Rarotonga this winter.

Pacific Resort Resort Rarotonga
Pacific Resort, Rarotonga. Photo: Pacific Resort

If you’d like to add a splash of French flair and flavour to a South Pacific vacation, look no further than New Caledonia. In a matter of days, direct flights between Noumea and Auckland resume. Mike and Andrew are joined by Sally Pepermans from New Caledonia Tourism.

New Caledonia Tourism
New Caledonia island. Photo: New Caledonia Tourism
  • 01:00 Tips and tricks for travelling within Covid rules
  • 13:08 Chat with James McCann of Yasawa Island Resort
  • 22:46 Personal experiences in the Pacifics.
  • 31:50 Chat with Sally Pepermans of New Caledonia Tourism

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