Mike and Chris discuss why Wairarapa sets the stage for such a great short and sweet road-trip, starting in Featherston, where fromage fans flock to C’est Cheese. From there, it’s a short 20 minute hop to the patchwork of vineyards encircling Martinborough, where the pinot noir is calling!

Greytown’s perennial appeal. Mike and Chris take a stroll through drop-dead gorgeous Greytown – the only New Zealand town with a fully complete main street of original Victorian buildings. And their arsenal of artisans, boutiques and creative types is second to none.  We stake out the top stops, whether you’re a style-hunter, sweet-tooth or follower of winning hospitality.

The South Wairarapa coastline. Mike and Chris showcase some of the greatest scenic experiences on a Wairarapa road-trip, head-lined by the savage, raw-edged beauty of Cape Palliser, which is the southernmost tip of the North Island. The land and sea come to serious blows here, when a gnarly storm barrels in from the Southern Ocean.  Plus we highlight Ngawi and the Putangirua Pinnacles.

As the debate and the wait continues about opening up air bridges or travel bubbles with our Covid-free neighbours, Tasmania is a top contender, along with South Australia, when it comes to Aussie states, given its strong health status. Mike and Chris provide an overview of Tassie’s highlights reel of experiences.

  • 00:41 Wairarapa road-trip
  • 6:41 Gastronomy in Greytown
  • 12:27 Scenic experiences in Wairarapa
  • 17:40 Tempting Tassie

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