Ep21: The power of Dark Tourism


On this edition of Kiwi Tripsters, Mike and Andrew  dabble in the world of dark tourism. From scenes of horror and tragedy to sites of major world history, join us on a journey where the backstory packs a history-making punch.

We start our dark tourism journey in London and the building that has lorded over London for a millennium –  The Tower of London. From the torture room to some of its notorious guests, like Guy Fawkes, we discuss some of its indelible history. Plus we set the scene on the Jack the Ripper tours, which remain wildly popular in London’s East End.

The tower of London
The Tower of London. Photo: Mike Yardley

Hiroshima’s darkest days have given rise to a booming visitor industry. The passage of time helps, but Hiroshima is a shining example of the enduring power of post-disaster tourism, if it’s done right.  We discuss the essential sights, including the A-Bomb Done, Hiroshima Castle and the remarkably poignant museum.

Hiroshima bomb dome
Hiroshima bomb dome. Photo: Mike Yardley

World War II has left a legacy of solemn sites of world history across the likes of Poland and Germany. Mike and Andrew take a journey through the concentration camps and the death camps of Auschwitz, Birkenau, Dachau and Sachsenhausen.

Auschwitz enterance. Photo: Mike Yardley

Finally on this special edition focused on dark tourism, we showcase the 9/11 Memorial Museum in New York, Pearl Harbour, the KGB Museum in Vilnius and a pilgrimage to the Gallipoli Peninsula.

911 memorial ladder. Photo: Mike Yardley
  • 00:58 The Tower of London
  • 07:53 Hiroshima
  • 13:25 Nazi death camps
  • 23:00 Baltics and Lithuania

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