Ep8: Savouring our wide open spaces


On this edition, we celebrate the beauty of wide open spaces and unpeopled places. We check out some exceptional places to stay in the Mackenzie, we take a deep dice into Waitaki’s Lakes District, and  Tongariro National Park. Plus we look ahead to the new year’s wider horizons with Paul Dymond from Wendy Wu Tours.

Clay cliffs New Zealand.
Clay Cliffs. Photo: Tourism NZ

Heading into summer, there’s extra appeal about wide open spaces in the Delta age. Kiwi Tripsters heads to the Mackenzie, to highlight some secluded bolt-holes starting at Aoraki/ Mt Cook with the Hermitage Hotel along with some bespoke accommodation offerings like Sky Scape.

Hermitage hotel, Mt Cook, New Zealand
Hermitage Hotel, Mt Cook. Photo: Hermitage Hotel

Delving into the Waitaki Lakes District, which crowns the upper Waitaki Valley. Starting with the Clay Cliffs by Omarama, the Lakes District is loaded with hidden gems, from the might and power of the hydro lakes to the country’s youngest wine district. We unlock the regional secrets.

Lake Benmore. Photo: Waitaki NZ

With 2022 looming on the calendar, confidence is rising that the new year will bring wider horizons with the resumption of international travel. Mike talks to Paul Dymond from Wendy Wu Tours about the mood of the market and some of Wendy Wu’s newest offerings Down Under.

Taranaki Falls, New Zealand
Taranaki Falls. Photo: Mike Yardley

Finally on this edition, we venture to Tongariro National Park. The Tongariro Alpine Crossing expecting to play host to another summer haven for Kiwis, with the encore novelty of having it to ourselves. We check out a range of great outdoorsy offerings.

Chateau Tongariro, New Zealand
Chateau Tongariro. Photo: Mike Yardley
  • 01:00 Mackenzie Country
  • 10:10 Waitaki Lakes District
  • 17:35 Horizons for 2022 with Paul Dymond of Wendy Wu Tours
  • 31:37 Tongariro National Park

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