Episode 10: Into the Wild; South Africa’s Kruger National Park


It’s one of New Zealand’s favourite family holiday playgrounds: the Gold Coast. Chris Lynch recently took a hop over to the GC. He rates the best thrill rides at the Gold Coast theme parks. We also talk about where to go to get the very best view above Surfers Paradise and review a fabulous sunset dinner cruise.

Safaris in Kruger National Park. Spanning nearly 2 million hectares, it’s South Africa’s largest game park, with over 147 mammal species. It’s like a great protector, founded over one hundred and twenty years ago. And it’s that huge concentration of wildlife that has made it such a tractor-beam for tourists. Mike and Chris talk about the accommodation options, the thrill of savouring the Big 5 and some of Mike’s unexpected wildlife encounters.

Breezing through Riga, Latvia. There’s a boho undertone to Riga.  But their biggest calling card is ornate architecture. They’ve got a head-swirling trove of eight hundred Art Nouveau buildings. And like much of the old city, hundreds of these buildings have been meticulously restored, since the fall of communism – Riga feels like a giant, breathing museum. There’s so many little discoveries. The hotel Mike stayed at was actually built for Soviet troops and was awash with bugging devices, when Radisson Hotel Group refurbished it in the nineties.

Pueblo architecture makes Santa Fe one of America’s most irresistibly distinctive cities.  It was so visionary on the part of the locals to set about crafting the entire town centre in this unified building style over a century ago. Fanning out from the Plaza, Santa Fe brims with hundreds of these flat-roofed buildings made from sun-baked bricks and ochre stucco. The door surrounds are usually painted blue to scare off evil spirits, so the legend goes. Mike and Chris discuss the city essentials.

Episode 10; Into the Wild - Kruger National Park

  • 1:10 Chris heads up to the Gold Coast
  • 10:30 Kruger National Park, South Africa
  • 18:38 Latvia
  • 26:01 America's irresistible city Santa Fe

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