What Travellers Want. Mike and Chris kick off episode 7 by looking at IATA’s latest global passenger survey, which is based on interviewing tens of thousands of globetrotters. The annual survey is geared around gauging what travellers want to improve the entire journey ribbon. What’s been the big takeaway from their latest survey? And what do we rate as the biggest pain points when travelling?

Legendary Movie Hotels.  Glittery celebrity power and big-screen blockbusters have propelled a slew of hotels into the spotlight over the years. They may have first caught the eye of Tinsel Town movie-makers, but they remain the object of enduring starry-eyed affection for travellers. Movie-inspired travel has even coined its own catchphrase – it’s called “set-jetting.” And there are some star specimens in the hotel stakes, that are not just pop culture landmarks, but virtual shrines of cinematic history.

The wonder of Reefton. If you’re road-tripping in New Zealand’s South Island, Reefton is emerging as a provincial tourism Rockstar. It’s definitely not the drive-through, stop for a pie town, that it previously was. Reefton has gone ahead in leaps and bounds in the past five years. Even though mining and forestry are still enduring legacy industries, tourism is surging as a money-spinner for its one thousand residents, thanks to the renaissance of its spectacular main street and boutique entrepreneurial attractions like the Reefton Distilling Company. You must try Little Biddy gin.

Great cemeteries of the world. Americans coined the phrase tombstone tourism, and as world war commemorations illustrate, war graves are immensely popular pilgrimages too. But beyond those sacred sites, where are the most alluring cemeteries and who are the most famous “residents?” Be into win a  copy of Lonely Plant’s London guide, the world’s No.1 travel guidebook brand.

  • 00:56 IATA's latest passenger survey
  • 9:22 Legendary movie hotels
  • 19:19 New Zealand's south island town Reefton
  • 25:43 Tombstone tourism

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