Episode 8: Visiting the world’s largest Dark Sky Reserve, Tekapo, New Zealand


It’s Europe’s answer to Manhattan, Germany’s sky-scrapered commercial centre of Frankfurt. Mike and Chris talk about the stirring architecture, the pedestrianised zone of the Zeil, heart-stealing Romberberg town square and fun pursuits along the Main River. Plus, we poke into some lesser known pockets of Frankfurt like Bornheim.

Chris Lynch recently headed to Tekapo in New Zealand’s Mackenzie district, which is not just the world’s largest International Dark Sky Reserve, but was the first in the Southern Hemisphere to earn the reserve status. Nagi Tahu’s Dark Sky Experience is the latest astro-tourism offering in Tekapo, which combines a day experience of discovery with the gleaming constellations after dark.

It’s a red-letter year for Japan on so many fronts. Not only does Tokyo play host to the 2020 Olympic Games, but this year mark’s the 75th anniversary of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Mike talks about his visit to Hiroshima, a surprisingly beautiful city, and the essential experiences. The A-Bomb Dome is the legacy icon of the bombing, but the Peace Memorial Park and the Museum struck Mike for its irrepressible voice of humanity.

If you ventured inside one of London’s museum offerings every day, it would take you over nine months to knock them all off – even though many museums are so mammoth, that a single day would barely scratch the surface.  But beyond the big-hitters, like the British Museum and the Tate Modern the sheer variety of museums is what sets London apart, and the lesser-trafficked venues can actually be the most enjoyable. And there’s plenty of odd-ball and macabre options too. We highlight our top picks, from the spectacular to the quirky.

  • 01:09 Germany’s sky-scrapered commercial centre Frankfurt
  • 07:10 Nagi Tahu’s Dark Sky Experience is the latest astro-tourism offering in Tekapo
  • 15:46 A visit to Hiroshima, Japan
  • 23:15 British Museums

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